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How can I change the footer details in the website?

Every business needs to be open for communication with clients as much as possible whether it is through social media or through the main website. Having clear contact and communication details are the best way your clients to easily find you and approach you.

Peekaboox allows you to easily set the footer contact details in order to customize the look of your website and provide your customers the complete contact details of your business. In order to do so, just access the website builder section of the backoffice:

  • Click on My Website tab of the main dashboard to access the website builder

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  • Click on the General button to access the dialogue window where you can set the general details of your business which is also the information which will be shown in the webiste footer. You can set:
    • website title
    • email
    • company name
    • phone
    • company legal name
    • country
    • address
    • working hours

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  • Cllick on OK to confirm and save the information
  • Define the other details of the website such as webiste template and the color palette you want to use and press on Publish to activate the new look of your website

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