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Where is my website published?

Customizable website solutions for your business are one of the best Peekaboox's feature. The user interface allows using pre-desgined templates, general contact information footer input and customizable buttons, color palette arrangements as well as social media integration for better user experience.

When all these details have been entered within the backoffice of the website users need to just press the Publish button to launch the new website.

Once you press the publish article, the article is published on the host name you selected during registration

website publishing

Also it is possible to publish the website using your own domain if you have purchased your own domain and by using the integration section. Simply hover the mouse on top of publish button for 2 seconds, the address will pop-up.

  • Go to Plugins tab under the main dashboard
  • Choose My own domains tab in the upper part of the window
  • Select Add domain to add you domain
  • Follow the steps to configure your domain DNS server to point your domain to Peekaboox server IP address


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