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Online payment using Stripe

Get paid online with Stripe

By integrating Peekaboox and Stripe, your customers can pay for your services using their preferred credit or debit card directly from the checkout.

Peekaboox integration with Stripe

Get paid on the spot using Stripe checkout. Get your online payments flowing without having to go to great lengths. The integration is super easy

Stripe checkout on Peekaboox

No need to chase payments

Do not worry about recurring payments, we take care of that too. If your customer books a multiple or recurring service they will be billed every time and you get paid on time.

Every transaction accounted for and reconciled with one click

Wherever you receive payments via Stripe, whether from invoices or during the checkout, you will automatically see that data flow into Peekaboox.

Instant reconciliation of online payment

Get the report directly on your dashboard

You can also keep track of your payment directly from the dashboard, in real time. Received and accounted on the fly.

Payment report on dashboard

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