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Peekaboox - Inserisci il pulsante prenota ora sul tuo sito

Inserisci il pulsante prenota ora sul tuo sito

Scopri come integrare il checkout di Peekaboox sul tuo sito web!

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Peekaboox - Accetta prenotazioni dal tuo sito

Accetta prenotazioni dal tuo sito

I tuoi clienti possono prenotare un servizio online direttamente dal tuo sito web

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Frequently asked questions

Still looking for an answer? Check out our frequently asked questions.

What is Peekaboox?

Peekaboox is a cloud based platform that empowers you with the tools to create your own website and accept online booking seasoned with a friendly and highly automated CRM and bookkeeping system. You can also be part of our online marketplace which connects them to a wider customer base.

Can I use my own domain with Peekaboox?

Yes you can use your own domain and move it to us, regardless of the TLD (.com,, etc) you own; You can also buy a new domain directly from us. Peekaboox will manage the hosting and forward all the requests to your domain.

Is Peekaboox free?

You are lucky, peekaboox is free to use. Just sign up to start your journey with us. We do also have a premium tier which gives you plenty of new features to use; start for free and scale up to premium tier when needed.

I want you to build my website, can you do it for me?

Yes we can. Peekaboox offers a wide set of services available for you. We do also have a nice SEO package available to help you increase visibility on search engines. All our services are available for both free and premium members.